ICC prosecutor to file cases on Kenya violence


The International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor said he would file cases against six Kenyans by December 17 following the conclusion of investigations into the country’s post-election violence.

“Before December 17, we will file two cases of about 80 pages each summarising the facts and analysing the evidence collected,” the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said at a conference in Nairobi organised by The Kofi Annan Foundation, Reuters reports.
“There are two cases, each involving three individuals who have to face justice. They have to go to The Hague. Their names will be known. These six individuals are still presumed innocent, their guilt or innocence shall be proved by the judges after the judicial process and not before.”

Moreno-Ocampo’s visit has raised anxiety among the ruling class in east Africa’s biggest economy after the prosecutor vowed to launch trials against masterminds of the clashes.

The suspects may include cabinet ministers and prominent businessmen.