Guinea must hold elections within six months: AU


Guinea’s military junta must hold elections within six months, the African Union (AU) said.

Donors have been pressuring the country, the world’s biggest bauxite exporter, to hold its first democratic elections since Moussa Dadis Camara took power in a coup in December 2008.
“We urge all the stakeholders in the Guinea crisis to rapidly form a National Unity Government capable of leading the country towards the restoration of constitutional order through the holding of free and transparent elections within the next six months,” the AU’s International Contact Group on Guinea noted.

The group is made up of African and international diplomats.

Last week Guinea’s junta named Jean-Marie Dore as prime minister of a transitional government charged with restoring civilian rule. A source close to the junta said Dore, leader of the Union for the Progress of Guinea party, would of steer the country through to elections.

The AU imposed sanctions on the leaders of the junta in October.

Camara is still convalescing outside the country after he was wounded on December 3 during an assassination attempt.

Guinean opposition parties have demanded elections since Camara’s coup sparked a political crisis which some feared could destabilise a fragile region.

That crisis intensified when security forces killed over 150 people at a pro-democracy march in September, a massacre for which the United Nations said Camara was responsible.

Internal dissent has grown in Guinea, the world’s top supplier of bauxite, since that incident.

The European Union has imposed an arms embargo on the country and restricted the travel and frozen assets of those involved in the killing of the protesters.

The US government has also restricted travel to the United States by some members of the junta and the government.

Pic: Junta leader- Capt Moussa Dadis Camara