Gambia-Senegal enters peace deal


The relation between the Gambia and Senegal has been in existence since time immemorial, the two countries that share the same cultures and ethnic groups were only divided by colonial masters.

The diplomatic ties between the two countries has been characterized with suspicion, with Gambia accusing Senegal of harbouring Gambian dissidents in an attempt to topple President Jammeh, while Senegal on the other hand accusing President Jammeh of aiding rebels in the Senegalese Southern Region of Casamance.

However, the peace deal preceded President Abdoulie Wade’s visit to Banjul this week after the Daily Observer a pro-government Newspaper published a letter, purportedly written by Kukoi Samba Sanyang, a Gambian fugitive blamed for the infamous 1981 coup attempt on former president, Sir Dawda Jawara, accusing him (Wade) of attempting to help Kukoi to topple President Jammeh.

In a communiqué issued to the local press after the meeting the two leaders recommitted their respective governments focus, ensuring the peace and security of the West African sub region and consolidation of bilateral ties form the bedrock of their relationship.

They emphasized the need to consolidate on what has been achieved in terms of cooperation and friendship while they promised to work together, now more closely, for the benefit of the two nations.

According to them, it is not possible that internal stability is achieved within member states of the sub region if regional peace is threatened.

This is why they underlined the necessity of bilateral cooperation aimed at fighting against all forms of threat to peace, security and progress in the sub region, reiterating the importance of justice, tolerance and respect for the rule of law.

The two presidents also share agreed to revive of the Senegalo-Gambnian Permanent Secretariat. According to them, work should start constructively to achieve this objective, while they would convene the next Joint Commission by April 2010.

The agreement also included the setting up of a Consultative Commission which would be jointly chaired by the two leaders, the vice president of The Gambia and the prime minister of Senegal while there are also promises of regular consultations between ministers and senior governmental officials of both sides as a further measure of reinforcing bilateral ties.