Gaddafi not in Niger: Niger Justice Minister


Muammar Gaddafi is not in Niger and movements of Libyan convoys into the country in recent days have been much smaller than widely reported in the media, said Niger Justice Minister Marou Amadou.

“We want to inform the world that Gaddafi is not in Niger,” Amadou told a news conference.
“He is a former head of state, he will not come incognito into Niger. If he has to come, our government will be informed, and if that happens we will inform you of our decision.”

Amadou rejected reports that between 200 and 250 vehicles carrying pro-Gaddafi forces had crossed into Niger’s desert north from Libya earlier this week, saying that the actual number was much smaller, Reuters reports.
“Three vehicles came in with 14 people onboard. Later there was another vehicle with four people including a Niger citizen,” he said.

But he added: “It is not excluded that while I’m talking here, more people have crossed the border, even people close to the Gaddafi government.”

Amadou gave no further details on the Libyan movements.

Niger’s government confirmed on Tuesday that Gaddafi’s security chief Mansour Dhao had been allowed to enter the country on what it called humanitarian grounds.