Gabon prime minister ordered to resign


Gabon’s Constitutional Court ordered the prime minister to resign and the lower house of parliament dissolved after legislative elections scheduled for the weekend were delayed.

The court ruled Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet and the National Assembly were no longer legitimate because government failed to hold the election on time.
“The decisions of the Constitutional Court are not to be commented on. They are to be applied,” Issoze-Ngondet said on national television after the ruling.

Richard August Onouviet, president of the National Assembly, accepted the court’s decision.

The court ordered President Ali Bongo to name an interim prime minister until elections could be organised. A multi-party committee appointed an electoral commission last Friday after repeated delays to organise the vote but no new election date was set.

The upper house of parliament, the Senate, will remain in place under the court order.

Bongo appointed Issoze-Ngondet prime minister after a narrow victory in a 2016 election international observers said was marred by irregularities and sparked brief outbreaks of violence.