Ethiopia PM meets soldiers on pay increases


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reached an agreement with several hundred soldiers who marched on his office to demand pay rises and were invited in to see him, state television (ETV) reported.

ETV said the meeting ended with “an agreement”, but did not give details of the outcome.

In addition to asking for pay rises, the soldiers asked Abiy to “review the structure and operations of the military”, ETV said.

The station did not broadcast images of soldiers marching. Residents reported the internet was shut off for nearly three hours on Wednesday afternoon. ETV said it was shut off to prevent fake news circulating on social media.

Abiy( 42) took office in April after several years of unrest forced his predecessor to resign. He pledged to reform the security forces and promote multi-party democracy.

These changes are a shock to Ethiopia, a country of more than 100 million people led with an iron fist since the EPRDF coalition Abiy belongs to seized power in 1991.