Clinton urges dialogue in Egypt to safeguard transition


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for all sides in Egypt to work together to safeguard the political transition after newly elected President Mohamed Mursi defied the army by reversing its decision to dissolve parliament.

“We strongly urge dialogue and concerted effort on the part of all to try to deal with the problems that are understandable but have to be resolved in order to avoid any kind of difficulties that could derail the transition that is going on,” Clinton told a news conference.

Egypt’s parliament could reconvene on Tuesday after the president’s decision. The army defended its dissolution of the assembly, saying it was confident “all state institutions” would respect the constitution and the law, Reuters reports.

Clinton said Egypt had a lot of work to do to keep the transition on course. Democracy, she said, was not just about elections.
“It is about creating a vibrant, inclusive political dialogue, listening to civil (society), having good relations between civilian officials and military officials, where each is working to serve the interests of the citizens,” she said.

She called for “intense dialogue” among all participants “to ensure that there is a clear path for them to be following and that the Egyptian people get what they protested for and what they voted for, which is a fully elected government”.

Clinton is in Vietnam as part of an Asian tour that will take her to Cambodia for a meeting of foreign ministers later in the week