Chad prime minister resigns: statement


Chadian Prime Minister Youssouf Saleh Abbas, whose government has been rocked by embezzlement scandals, has resigned, the presidency said.

A statement from President Idriss Deby’s office noted the resignation but gave no reason for the move.

Abbas’ government has been hit in recent months by the suspension of four ministers on allegations of embezzlement of some $5 million of public funds. His popularity has suffered from the rising cost of living in Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Abbas is to be replaced by Emmanuel Nadingar, formerly minister for decentralisation and a leader of a party that strongly supports Deby.

The prime minister runs the day-to-day running of government in Chad but Deby retains a tight grip on decision-making in the oil producing West African nation.

Chad, which is currently working with Sudan to rebuild troubled ties between the two neighbours, is due to hold legislative elections by the end of the year.

Pic: Chad president- Idriss Deby