Central African Republic to hold April 25 elections


Central African Republic will hold presidential and legislative elections on April 25 this year, a presidential decree said yesterday.

President Francois Bozize has ruled the country, which is rich in gold, diamonds and uranium but riven with political instability and rebel factions, since seizing power in 2003.

He won the last election, held in 2005.
“The electoral campaign will start on April 12 and close at midnight on April 23,” the decree said.

Some opposition groups have already said they will boycott elections, fearing the result will be rigged.

One of Africa’s poorest and most isolated nations, Central African Republic is struggling to end years of insurgencies.

Earlier this month, a rebel group influential in the more populous north said it would not disarm under a government guns-for-money scheme, a decision which may interfere with preparations for the election.

Pic: President Francois Bozize of CAR

Source: www.af.reuters.com