Cameroon to hold presidential election on October 9


Cameroon will hold its presidential election on October 9, national radio said yesterday, citing a decree signed by President Paul Biya.

Biya, 78, one of the continent’s longest-serving leaders, is expected to seek another term, having ruled the oil producing Central African nation for nearly 30 years.

He would face a divided and weak opposition that has not been able to challenge him in the last two elections.

Biya’s ruling party, the CPDM, plans to hold a congress on September 15-16, when it is expected to name him as its candidate.

Opposition parties and some analysts have argued that a constitutional reform, enacted by Biya’s government to remove term limits and clear the way for him to run, has instead barred him from seeking another term.

The opposition have vowed to ask the court to rule on the matter if Biya decides to run.