Cabinet to huddle next week


Cabinet held its first “ordinary” meeting in Cape Town yesterday, with President Jacob Zuma welcoming new members and urging everyone “to take their responsibility seriously by working hard and to conduct themselves in a manner befitting their office.”



A statement issued afterwards notes the primary purpose of the meeting was to prepare for the Cabinet Lekgotla which is scheduled to take place next Tuesday to Thursday.

“The Lekgotla will deal with three key issues namely, the adoption of the new (five-year) Medium Term Strategic Framework (in place of the current three-year system) which will be informed by the new electoral mandate, to provide the new administration with an opportunity to reflect on and plan for the implementation of the government Programme of Action for the period leading to the next Cabinet Lekgotla in January 2009; and lastly, to reflect on the modalities and structures for the National Strategic planning function and the structural changes in the executive and government,” the statement said.

The meeting also revised the Cabinet Committees and clusters system, and established the following clusters:

·         infrastructure development

·         economic sectors and employment

·         human development

·         social protection and community development

·         governance and administration

·         justice, crime prevention and security

 ·         international cooperation, trade and security

The departments of state security, defence and policing will likely belong to the latter two clusters.