Cabinet approves revision of peace mission white paper

The revision updates a 1999 document. 
Cabinet spokesman Thabo Maseko says the revised White Paper underpins South Africa`s “foreign policy doctrine of promoting peaceful resolution of conflicts, the creation of an environment that is conducive for sustainable development and commitment to rules-based multilateralism in a just and equitable world”.
He adds that SA`s involvement in peace missions “will be guided by the principles of a clear mandate; consent; impartiality; minimum use of force; credibility; legitimacy; promotion of National and local ownership; entry, transition and exit strategy and transparency.”
The revised White Paper will next be tabled in Parliament for debate and adoption.
The White Paper was drafted by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), which is the government`s lead department for international interaction, which includes peace support.      
Meanwhile, Cabinet has also adopted measures and guidelines for the coordination of South Africa`s international engagements.
Yesterday`s Cabinet statement, following on Wednesday`s Cabinet meeting, says a “Consultative Forum on International Relations (CFIR) will be established (under the steward ship of the DFA) to ensure better coordination between departments and across the different spheres; ensure that information on international engagements is shared; and provide foreign policy guidance for international trips.”