Bashir diplomats dismissed


Sudan fired diplomats for alleged links to the administration of toppled President Omar al-Bashir, a legal committee said.

The Empowerment Removal Committee was formed under a law introduced in November to dismantle the system built by Bashir, who was ousted in April last year after three decades in power.

“A hundred and nine ambassadors, diplomats and administrators were fired from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and those were appointed through political and social empowerment,” Mohamed al-Faki, deputy head of the committee, told a news conference in Khartoum.

Some diplomats were appointed by Bashir himself and others were picked through his now dissolved National Congress Party, said Taha Othman, a committee member.

Earlier this month, the committee dissolved the boards of the central bank and 11 state-owned banks and fired the managers of eight banks.

It also seized the assets of the former ruling party.