Bashir assets seized


Sudan seized the assets of ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s now dissolved party, a senior member of the country’s ruling sovereign council said.

The National Congress Party’s (NCP) assets were seized under a law passed in November and ordered the party’s dissolution.

The law’s implementation is a test of how far Sudan’s transitional authorities are willing or able to dismantle the system built up by Bashir, ousted last April after nearly three decades in power.

The assets of four private television channels and newspapers were frozen but they have the right to appeal, said Mohamed al-Faki, a sovereign council member also deputy head of a legal committee assessing NCP assets.

“These institutions were financed by state funds and we want to return the money to the Sudanese people,” he told a news conference.

The editor of Al-Sudani newspaper, a media outlet that had its assets frozen, denied the accusations

“We didn’t receive funds from anybody. They are targeting the newspaper and press freedom,” the editor, Diaeldin Belal, said.

The ministry of finance took over the al-Quran al-Kareem Society, a religious charity organisation which Taha Othman, sovereign council legal committee member, said had links to Bashir’s former government.

Othman said the ministry of religious affairs would now manage the organisation. The al-Quran al-Kareem Society was not immediately available for comment.