Ban welcomes conclusion of Egypt’s presidential elections


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomes the conclusion of Egypt’s presidential election process following the release of official results, said his spokesperson.

“The Secretary-General commends the Egyptian people for the peaceful atmosphere in which these elections were held,” Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Egypt’s Higher Presidential Elections Commission announced the results of the 16-17 June run-off poll earlier Sunday; the announcement had been delayed since Thursday. The run-off had pitted Mohamed Morsy, representing the Muslim Brotherhood, against ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

According to media reports, Morsy defeated Shafiq by more than almost 900,000 votes, with 51.7 per cent of the vote, compared to 48 per cent for Mr. Shafiq, UN News Service reports.
“He [Secretary-General Ban] congratulates Dr. Mohamed Morsy on his election and trusts that the President-elect will spare no effort in ensuring the people of Egypt realise their aspirations for greater democracy, the promotion of human rights, and a more prosperous and stable Egypt for all of its citizens,” Ban’s spokesperson said.

The elections are the first presidential election since the toppling of the long-standing regime of Hosni Mubarak amid popular protests in January 2011, and widely seen as a key element of the country’s transition to greater democracy.

Ban’s spokesperson added that that the UN chief notes that the imminent handover of power to the elected President marks “the end of one important phase of Egypt’s ongoing transition to greater democracy.”
“He stresses the need to strengthen and build strong, independent institutions and to allow civil society to flourish and to play its role fully and freely,” the spokesperson said.