US hands over military equipment to Tanzania


The United States has handed over $18 million worth of equipment and training to the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) as part of its African Peacekeeping Rapid Reaction Programme (APRRP).

The US Embassy in Tanzania made the announcement on 4 February, saying Tanzanian Rapid Reaction Programme training had been completed. The handover occurred on January 31.

“The US will remain a steadfast partner with the TPDF,” Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Tanzania Dr Inmi Patterson said at the ceremony, “and we will continue to support the APRRP unit as well as the pre-deployment training of Tanzanian peacekeepers.”

Equipment handed over to the TPDF included 27 vehicles (mostly Iveco trucks but also cargo handling vehicles), a 300-person kitchen, water purification machines and communications equipment.

“I congratulate Tanzania on being the fifth largest peacemaker in Africa and the 11th in the world. The country has been the first to commit to peacekeeping in the countries of Sudan, Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Lebanon,” Inmi said.

Tanzanian Defence Minister Hussein Mwinyi thanked the United States for the logistical support and training that has added to its local and international peacekeeping capabilities.

APRRP is a partnership between the United States and six African nations: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Ghana. Its aim is to create the capacity and readiness to provide tactical headquarters and logistics support for United Nations and African Union peacekeeping operations. Over the past year, US trainers have worked with the TPDF APRRP unit, preparing to support peacekeeping, humanitarian, and disaster relief efforts in Tanzania and across the continent, the US Embassy said.