US donates coastal patrol boat to Mozambique


Ongoing security co-operation between the United States (US) and Mozambique has seen a 10m coastal patrol boat added to the Mozambican Navy fleet.

In addition to the boat, Mozambican Navy officials will participate in training offered by the US-based manufacturer, SAFE Boat International.  The high-speed boat is valued at $700,000 and is used for interdictions and maritime boarding operations.

“This vessel will enhance maritime security and enable naval forces to respond to increasingly complex challenges and threats,” US Ambassador to Mozambique Peter H Vrooman said at the handover ceremony in Maputo.

“We provide training and educational opportunities for Mozambican and American soldiers, sailors and marines who choose to serve their country. Together we work toward a stronger, more resilient Mozambique,” he said.

The donation forms part of a broader set of security assistance programmes designed to enhance the resiliency of the Mozambican Navy in fighting terrorism and transnational organised crime. The programmes include international military education and training (IMET), three joint combined exchange training (JCET) programmes, one for maritime maintenance and logistics advisors and equipment donations to improve, maintain and support the Navy in executing of its defence strategy, the US Embassy in Maputo said in a statement.