Turkish company Aselsan expands into healthcare


Renowned for its extensive defence technology portfolio, Turkish company Aselsan hosted a Healthcare Solutions conference in Pretoria this week to introduce its life support and medical imaging solutions in South Africa.

In his introductory remarks, Sencer Sahin, Aselsan South Africa General Manager, said the company aimed to establish long-term relationships and local partnerships in South Africa.

Backed by almost 50 years’ experience in defence and security, Aselsan is well-positioned to expand its portfolio into quality-of-life increasing technologies. This was prompted by a growing global demand in the healthcare domain, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic that engulfed medical facilities worldwide.

As Solutions Manager, Business Development Healthcare Systems, Yusuf Ziya Seyitoglu outlined: “We invested in medical technologies that fit both human and business needs, which enabled Aselsan to take its capabilities in healthcare to a higher level.”

Healthcare professionals attending the conference were particularly enthused by Aselsan’s small compact Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This device is most useful in cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in which intervention in the first few minutes is vital to save a patient’s life.

According to Seyitoglu more than 5 000 AED units have already been exported.

Some comments aired at the event highlighted the need to have the AED readily available in public areas, including shopping malls and on public transport, as well as in schools, factories and other places of work. It would equally be useful in the military environment.

Aselsan’s Biyovent intensive care type ventilator was developed in Turkey over the past four years with support from the Ministry of Industry and Technology and several other entities. Aselsan is the sole manufacturer.

Its compact size and user-friendly interface make it ideal for numerous environments. More than 10 000 units of the Biyovent are already in use in 30 countries, including Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and South America.

In the area of medical imaging systems, Aselsan offers a motorised digital mobile X-ray system. The ergonomic and compact unit provides high quality images with reduced X-ray dose and a broad range of examination protocols. It is equipped with two batteries, one for drive and another for exposure, in order to ensure optimum operations are maintained at all times.

According to Aselsan, its long-established relationship and partnership with South Africa enable transfer of technology, distributorship and local production of the healthcare systems.

The conference was closed by Turkish ambassador Ms Aysegül Kandas.

Aselsan South Africa was established as a branch of the Turkish company in 2011 after Aselsan had acquired a local engineering firm which it had contracted to develop high end electro-optical systems for airborne military use.

In addition to its new medical lineup, Aselsan South Africa designs, develops and manufactures high performance electro-optical systems for its parent company and also for the South African military aerospace and maritime markets.

Aselsan SA specialises in advanced opto-electro-mechanical design and related systems engineering including electronic and software engineering and image processing design.

Products designed and produced by Aselsan South Africa include high performance airborne thermal imagers, multi-spectral airborne sensors, in-flight boresighting systems and targeting electro optical payloads for airborne applications.

Aselsan describes itself as Turkey’s largest defence electronics company and specialises in tactical military radios, electronic warfare, avionic modernisation and defence electronic systems, primarily for the Turkish Armed Forces, but its numerous business divisions are involved in things like radar, command and control, satellites, cyber security, air and missile defence, land weapons systems, traffic automation and transportation. The company has some 7 000 employees.