Troop rotation at two Op Corona border protection sites


There have been personnel changes on at least two of South Africa’s landward borders with new deployments of regular and reserve force soldiers replacing uniformed colleagues in the Eastern Cape (along the Lesotho border) and Limpopo provinces (along the Zimbabwean border).

The Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal-based 5 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion detachment reported for duty at the Maluti borderline post with representatives from Eastern Cape joint tactical headquarters, Joint Operations Division headquarters and supporting services, such as the SA Military Health Service (SAMHS) on hand. The KwaZulu-Natal contingent relieves Cape Town-based 9 SAI.

The adage “first things first” was applied with the new arrivals “allocated places to sleep and rest” ahead of mission readiness training, according to Captain Tamsanqa Hoyi, Acting Communication Officer, Joint Tactical Headquarters Eastern Cape.

Welcoming the new men and women to the Maluti post, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Molema, Acting 2IC of the provincial tactical headquarters, had a word of warning. He said the new arrivals had to be aware people they would come into contact and work with were “not always honest” with others ready to take soldiers “for a ride”.

Going north to Limpopo, Acting Officer Commanding the provincial tactical headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Joy Stasie, welcomed elements of two Reserve Force regiments (Job Masego and OR Tambo) and 10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment to the border with Zimbabwe. The newcomers are to team up with Bambatha Rifles for the duration of the Johannesburg SA Army Reserve regiment, Captain Moses Semono reported.