SVI launches armoured vehicle rental division


The SVI Group has launched SVI Secure, a new subsidiary company that offers the rental of modified commercial vehicles like sedans and SUVs, as well as armoured personnel carriers.

SVI has been armouring vehicles since 2004 and recently completed 130 convoy protection vehicles for a South African security company. It has also armoured 110 locomotives in Mozambique.

SVI Secure was officially introduced to the market at SVI’s premises outside Pretoria on Monday 2 September but the company has been offering armoured vehicle rental services for some time now.

Cobus de Kock, Executive Director of SVI Secure, told defenceWeb that the company recently made the decision to diversify the Group into the private rentals space, leading to the establishment of SVI Secure, which has a Level 2 BEE rating.

SVI Secure has a wide range of vehicles to cater to client’s specific requirements, be it safe personnel transportation, secure transport of valuable goods, or specific security requirements. These include BMW 7 series and Toyota Corolla sedans, Toyota Fortuner and Land Cruiser 200s, Hilux cash in transit (CIT) vehicles, and 4×4 Max 9 armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

Benny Jiyane, Executive Director of SVI Group, said that the focus of SVI Secure is the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, primarily South Africa. SVI Secure currently has contracts with various customers in this region, providing a wide range of services.

SVI specialises in mechanical engineering, product development and manufacturing and protected vehicles with an emphasis on making vehicles for the niche market. The company has produced armoured civilian vehicles, armoured luxury vehicles, armoured train kits (used in Mozambique), remanufactured military and police vehicles, cash in transit vehicles, water cannons, gun ports, guard houses and towers. It has designed over ten vehicle models, including the Max 9 armoured personnel carrier and Max 3 light armoured vehicle.