SVI armoured guardhouse proven in action


Special Vehicle Industries (SVI) Engineering, which manufactures a range of commercial and military armoured vehicles, has expanded into the manufacture of armoured guardhouses and one of these recently saved the life of the guard inside.

The armoured guardhouse was being rented at a high-value site when attackers fired more than half a dozen rounds at it. The guard inside survived the attack.

SVI said it became aware of the need for an armoured guardhouse, especially in remote areas, and developed a B6 level (assault rifle) protected guardhouse. The first model was on the market for several years but SVI has just launched a new model that is easily portable the small unit can be put on the back of a truck and has forklift pockets for easy positioning while the large unit is the same size as a standard small shipping container.

The company said there is a lot more interest in such solutions as guards are losing their lives and people realise it does not make sense to be guarding multi-million Rand assets from fibreglass and other unprotected security huts. An armoured hut not only buys the guard time to call for back-up but also provides the confidence to turn defence into offense thanks to gunports on all windows.

SVI said the armoured guardhouse is aimed at both the commercial and private sectors. Mining sites can benefit from ballistic protection as well as private estates currently utilizing brick buildings that offer limited ballistic protection.

The guardhouse is built entirely from B6 level armoured steel and armoured glass of the same rating, which is protected by integrated grids. It is available in two sizes: 1.2×1.8 metres and 2.4×3 metres. The guardhouse has a double, manual internal interlock and an anti-jam external lock that retracts to prevent lock-in.

It can be fitted with radios, spotlights and antennas. Gunports allow the guard on duty to defend himself and an escape hatch is provided in the roof if needed. Air conditioning is provided as standard.

The 1.2×1.8 metre unit starts at R330 000 and the 2.4×3 metre units retails from nearly R700 000 but rental options are available.

SVI said that it has already delivered one of the new guardhouses and is busy manufacturing another two at its premises in Pretoria East.