Soldiers intercept two thousand plus illegal immigrants in October


Contraband and drugs with a value in excess of R8 million were confiscated by soldiers protecting South Africa’s territorial integrity as per the Operation Corona tasking in October.

Soldiers patrolling the country’s land borders also intercepted and handed 2 109 illegal immigrants to police and Department of Home Affairs (DHA) officials during the five week-long month just ended. By far the majority of them – 1 491 – were Mozambicans with 428 Zimbabweans a distant second in numbers hoping for work and some semblance of security in South Africa.

The number of illegals is well over the monthly average of 1 775 reported by the Department of Defence (DoD) in its latest annual report.

Eight hundred and thirty-three kilos of dagga is part of the R2.48 million worth of drugs soldiers relieved smugglers of in October. Mozambicans were again the “leaders” when it came to smuggling illegal drugs into South Africa, accounting for R1.8 million worth.

Other contraband, unspecified by the Joint Operations Division of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), but generally cigarettes, liquor and counterfeit clothing including footwear valued at R6.3 million, will not find its way to South African consumers of illegal goods. Confiscated goods are handed to police and customs officials for disposal.

Soldiers also prevented 19 stolen vehicles with an estimated combined value of R7.4 million leaving South Africa. Mozambique and Zimbabwe appear “preferred” destinations for stolen vehicles.