SANDF salaries and personnel numbers remain a thorny issue


The man at the helm of personnel in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) told a recent, and reportedly overdue, communication period the South African military was “challenged with reduced compensation for employees” which could be compounded by a 10% budget cut across the SANDF.

This, Vice-Admiral Asiel Kubu told those gathered in the Thaba Tshwane town hall, had “considerable negative impact on the organisation’s overall expenditure”. He is further reported by SANDF Corporate Communication, SA Soldier magazine, as saying covering the deficit of employee salaries meant a deficit budget for the national defence force without specifics amounts stated.

“What seems worse is these budgetary constraints are continuing,” he reportedly said adding National Treasury warned the Department of Defence (DoD) of a possible 10% reduction of the allocated in-year budget for all national departments across the board”.

“These are the realities we have to face, whether we want to or not. As I mentioned, unprecedented challenges aren’t because the challenges we face as a result of global changes, which impacts everything due to the inter-connectedness of everything,” he said telling the audience change was inevitable in both personal and professional lives with the resultant challenges going to test “our resilience, creativity, determination and most of all – patience”.