SANDF MPs join police for drug bust


Keeping soldiers and civilians away from harmful and illegal drugs and utilising intelligence saw military law enforcement officers collaborate with their SA Police Service (SAPS) colleagues to put a dent into an eastern Free State dealer’s unlawful business.

An added bonus for military police involved in a sanctioned search and seizure operation of a Bothlokong, Bethlehem, house on 14 July was finding a new issue SA National Defence Force (SANDF) work dress (camouflage) shirt. It, along with 175 grams of dagga, was booked into evidence by Bethlehem police.

The operation with SANDF Central Military Police headquarters supported by Kroonstad area office and the Bethlehem military police detachment alongside SAPS Bethlehem K9 unit centred around an authorised three hour search. The warrant was granted in the light of intelligence showing a house as a drug hub with Sappers and other 2 Field Engineer Regiment personnel based at the eastern Free State Engineer Formation base “a target” for the drug dealers, a Major Nthipe reported for the national defence force.

Part of the planning saw an informant used and provided with a marked R50 note to buy drugs. The informant bought what is termed “a sachet of crystal”. This signalled a start with the house cordoned off. Three people inside escaped with the owner, identified as a “Mr Tshele” one of them. Seven men and three women in the house were searched with nothing suspicious found on them.

A thorough search of the house yielded 175 grams of dagga and the camouflage shirt with the marked R50 note missing, thought to be taken by the owner as he escaped.