SANDF adds to its one-star numbers


The Department of Defence (DoD) could well be accused of adding to rank inflation when first viewing its 17 February Bulletin, which lists no less than 105 additions to the brigadier general/rear admiral (JG) rank across all services and divisions of the national defence force.

This bulletin comes weeks after Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD) heard via an in-house research paper the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) was top-heavy with generals.

Thirty-two of the one-stars named in Wednesday’s (17 February’s) bulletin already hold either brigadier general or rear admiral (JG) rank. For them the bulletin confirms new appointments. Examples include Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga who becomes Director: Foreign Relations; Brigadier General Debbie Molefe Director: Collective Mechanisation; Brigadier General Gerhard Kamffer, Director Koba-Tlala; Brigadier General Hilton Smith, Director Military Aviation Policy and Brigadier General Glen Gibson, Director Air Combat Systems.

The landward force as the largest component of the SANDF leads with 24 new one-star generals added to its senior ranks. Three are women.

The SA Air Force (SAAF) is a distant second – numbers-wise – adding 20 brigadiers (two women) and the SA Navy top ranks grow by eight junior grade rear admirals, also with two women making the grade. SAMHS (SA Military Health Service) senior ranks are boosted by five (two women) new one-stars.

Divisions where personnel have either been promoted to brigadier general or placed in new posts are Defence Reserves, Command Management Information System, Legal Services, Joint Operations, Defence Intelligence, Defence Foreign Relations, Inspector General, Human Resources and Logistics.