SAN now has a situational awareness centre


The Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT), an Armscor defence, science and technology institutes, continues providing services to the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), particularly the SA Navy (SAN).

This was again demonstrated, according to the Armscor newsletter, when IMT handed the Simon’s Town situational awareness centre (SAC) to the SAN.

The main aim of the SAC is to provide the SAN with “a recognised situational picture of the maritime environment” which the maritime service is responsible for monitoring, patrolling and safeguarding.

“SAC,” the defence and security acquisition agency’s newsletter reports, “will play a key role in strengthening South Africa’s maritime security and ensure the country has the capability to respond effectively to maritime t[h]reat[s]”.

The publication furthers reports it took IMT management 12 months to complete the SAC project which will assist the SAN “to better monitor and control maritime activities of commercial and naval vessels”.

“It will provide valuable information to the SAN and enhances their capability to make key operational decisions. The centre has the capability to provide situational awareness of the entire South African coastline. It has the necessary equipment to aid the SAN to execute its duties effectively and efficiently,” according to the newsletter.

IMT is in Simon’s Town adjacent to SAN fleet headquarters and specialises in defence research, development, testing and evaluation of maritime systems. It, according to the newsletter, plays a key role in developing and maintaining a sustainable technology capability for providing techno-military expertise in support of naval decision-making. It also provides services to the broader maritime community and other clients as part of its commercial initiatives.