SAN adds qualified technical and trade staff to personnel strength


The efforts of naval technical personnel, ably assisted by qualified instructors, saw 31 SA Navy (SAN) sailors rewarded with technical degrees and trade qualifications at SAS Wingfield in Cape Town.

The SA Navy base was established in 1961 for technical training and practical apprentice instruction and is now the technical training facility for the maritime service of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF). Reporting on last week’s graduation parade on 13 October, SAN Corporate Communication has it 31 sailors received trophies and certificates.

Degrees and trades acquired through SAS Wingfield include bachelors of Science and Engineering degrees in the electrical and mechanical disciplines, BEng Technical, Advanced and National diplomas in mechanical, electrical and marine engineering, Advanced and National diplomas in nautical studies, geomatics (encompassing geodesy, geographic information systems [GIS], global positioning systems [GPS], hydrography, mapping, photogrammetry, remote sensing and surveying), management sciences (human resources), public relations, and communications and operations. National and naval trades include electronic fitter (machinery); radio/radar for communications and weapons as well as mechanical fitter for machinery and weapons.

Miscellaneous trades instruction and practical for, among others, shipwrights, ammunition fitters, printers, riggers as well as instrument and vehicle fitters is also on offer at SAS Wingfield.

The parade was, according to SAN Corporate Communications, officiated by Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) Lisa Hendricks.

The SAN technical degree and certificate parade was the second this month (October) in the SANDF. It follows an earlier SA Army Technical Service Corps (TSC) parade in Thaba Tshwane where 96 newly qualified artisans were admitted to TSC ranks after qualifying as, among others, armourers, auto electricians and diesel mechanics.