SAMIM records successful ops in Cabo Delgado


Two major SAMIM (SADC Mission in Mozambique) operations over a three month period resulted in the deaths of 31 Al Sunnah wa Jama’ah (ASWJ) terrorists and a substantial haul of weapons and equipment.

Operation Buffalo encountered strong resistance from ASWJ, a SAMIM communique from mission headquarters in Pemba said, detailing the weapons haul as 48 AK-47s, five PKM machineguns, five RPG-7 launchers, and grenades. An undisclosed number of vehicles (type not specified) as well as motorcycles, mobile phones and “technological devices” were removed from an unknown number of bases east of Chai and the Messalo River in Macomia district.

SAMIM troops found, released and handed to the appropriate Mozambican authorities 16 women, eight children and two elderly men abducted by terrorists.

The successes did not come without a cost with SAMIM reporting a fatality and two casualties. FADM (Forḉas Armadas de Defesa de Moḉambique) reported two fatalities and six casualties during the Operation Buffalo missions.

SAMIM force commander, SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Major General Xolani Mankayi, spent the latter part of December visiting troops on the frontline.

He commended the Special Forces operators for disrupting ASWJ in areas no one thought they would be found. The two-star made time during his visit to meet community leaders who, reportedly, said they will assist SAMIM in their attempts to stabilise Cabo Delgado. Mankayi assured local leaders SAMIM would do all in its power to execute and fulfil the mandate given it by the Southern African Development Community (SADC).