SAMIM Force Commander calls on troops


The South African two-star general commanding the SAMIM (SADC Mission in Mozambique) force told his troops “challenges will be resolved” to ensure soldiers are properly supported, sustained and “their welfare taken care of”.

Major General Xolani Mankayi spoke during a recent, extensive visit to SAMIM forward operating bases (FOBs) in Macomia, Mueda, Nangande and contingents in Pemba.

He told soldiers and support personnel at all bases he called on that the transition process of the mission from African Union (AU) scenario six to five was underway with more arrivals expected from SADC (Southern African Development Community) personnel contributing countries.

After all the FOBs were visited, briefings on mission progress were conducted, as well as operational successes achieved by SAMIM since its inception in July 2021 highlighted, and challenges aligning with mandated tasks set out.

The SAMIM deployment has brought calm and stability in some areas, as the General noted that almost all the villages in Mueda district are now are occupied by security forces.

“The purpose of the visit was to experience the situation first hand and talk to soldiers on the ground inform them about progress of the operation and understand challenges they face,” Mankayi is reported as saying by SANDF communication officer Captain Anelisiwe Tamela.

“During the visit, the Force Commander and his delegation met with the Rwandan Security Joint Task Force Commander Major General Innocent Kabandana and the commander of the land forces of Mozambique, Major General Tiago Nampele, to discuss operational matters. The meeting took place in Macomia District on 29 April 2022.

“The Force Commander conducted patrols in operational areas covered by the FOBs and called on internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps in Nangade and Mueda.”

Pemba was the final stop, with Mankayi addressing deployed contingents from Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Africa and Zambia. He urged all soldiers on parade to continue doing their best in “degrading the terrorists with the ultimate goal of achieving peace in the region”.