Saab launches new IDAS-310 defensive aids suite


Saab has launched the latest version of its Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS), IDAS-310, which incorporates the latest warning systems developed by the company’s South African business unit.

IDAS-310 was launched at the Associate of Old Crows (AOC) Europe event in Bonn, Germany. According to Saab, IDAS-310 is designed to provide protection for aircraft and helicopters against all types of threats, including radar-guided missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, and other types of radio frequency, infrared, and laser threats.

IDAS-310 includes the ability to provide a combination of Missile Approach Warning (MAW), Laser Warning (LW) and Radar Warning (W), and due to its open architecture, it supports integration with other electronic warfare (EW) solutions.

It includes an updated EW controller with modern processors and interfaces, and a radar warning receiver (RWR) that is able to operate in a modern-day radio frequency environment. The IDAS-310 update includes the MAW-400 Missile Approach Warning capability and the LWS-330 Laser Warning capability (previously it used the MAW-300 and LWS-310 systems). In addition, IDAS-310 incorporates improved Ground Support and Test equipment providing electronic support measures (ESM) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) capabilities.

Speaking recently at AOC Europe, Anders Sjöberg, CEO Saab Deutschland, said that IDAS-310 is a state-of-the-art complete self-protection suite in a compact, lightweight, and highly modular system that integrates sensors, jammers Human Machine Interface (HMI), and countermeasures.

IDAS-310 features advanced digital signal processing, allowing for real-time detection and analysis of threats, and rapid deployment of neutralizing countermeasures. It also provides situational awareness to the aircraft pilot, allowing for better decision-making in high-pressure situations, and can be integrated with the aircraft’s mission systems, providing a seamless flow of information.

“The system’s flexibility and adaptability are a key feature, as it can be installed quickly and easily, minimizing aircraft downtime and reducing costs. The modularity and scalability of the IDAS-310 enables it to be easily integrated into a variety of platforms and adapted for different mission requirements,” said Jan Widerström, President and Managing Director at Saab.

“To provide the best possible protection on the market, IDAS-310 provides the option to integrate with a Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) and supports the deployment of Expendable Active Decoys (EAD’s),” he added.

Saab South Africa, through its local footprint Saab Grintek Defence, manufactures and develops integrated electronic warfare self-protection systems for customers around the world. The company offers electronic warfare, sensor technology, laser warning, and training systems, as well as avionics and security and support solutions. More than 30 different aircraft types in over 15 countries are using the company’s IDAS system. India is a big IDAS customer, with more than 200 systems installed on Indian Air Force and Army Dhruv helicopters since 2005.