SA Army colonel cashiered


A senior SA Army officer was last week cashiered following a review and change of sentence.

Colonel Monnakhotha Joseph Moralo, formerly Officer Commanding of the Army Support Base in Potchefstroom, North West, heard his sentence of six months imprisonment and a R6 000 fine changed when read in conjunction with a section of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Military Disciplinary Code (MDC), according to the force’s Directorate: Corporate Communications.

The initial sentence handed down by a military judge at a senior court, the DCC said in response to a defenceWeb enquiry, was for common law theft.

“On review, the Court of Military Appeals found the sentence was too lenient and replaced it with cashiering and imprisonment for a period of two years. Imprisonment is suspended for three years on condition the accused is not found guilty of common law theft or section 20(a) of the MDC during the period of suspension.”

Cashiering is the dishonourable discharge, also known as separation from the service, of an officer coupled with annulment of the officer’s commission. His or her Deed of Commission is returned, all medals are withdrawn and the State’s contribution to the former officer’s pension fund is withdrawn. Personal pension fund contributions will be paid out.

“Cashiering is considered in circumstances where a military court views the accused’s conduct as disgraceful and to the detriment of the SANDF’s reputation,” DCC said.

In July last year a colonel (female) was also cashiered after her sentence was reviewed by the Court of Military Appeals. She was charged with contravening a section of the act governing prevention and combatting of corrupt activities – a general corruption offence – and two charges of common law fraud while in a senior position at the national defence force’s human resources division. She was initially sentenced to dismissal from the SANDF but this was changed to the “processes of separation (from the national defence force)” and a four year jail term.