Retired Navy officer guilty of leaking classified information


A retired senior Navy officer has been found guilty of supplying “sensitive and classified information to foreign intelligence services, certain journalists and representatives of the defence related industry”.

He is now 62 years old and was formerly a captain in the maritime service of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) deployed to the Defence Intelligence Division of the force when the offence was committed. He is named as Bradley Longford Morris by Department of Defence (DoD) head of communication, Siphiwe Dlamini in a statement.

According to the statement Morris was charged with contravening the Protection of Information Act following “an intensive investigation”. He appeared in a civil court and was found guilty and fined R10 000 or six month months imprisonment, suspended for five years.

“A plea deal agreement” will see him pay the State’s legal costs.

“The Military Command Council welcomes the sentence and reiterates that all members of the SANDF who behave in a manner such as displayed by the former Navy officer will be subject to the full might of the law without exception, regardless of rank, position and level in the SANDF.

“The Military Command Council emphasises no official in the employ of the DoD may release or disclose any classified defence community related information to the public, any institution or organisation, including media without authority,” according to the statement.

No indication is given of where and when Morris was in court or the length of the hearing or who was responsible for the investigation.