RDM wins new munitions plant contract


Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) has signed a contract with a longstanding existing customer for munitions plant work. The more than R200 million contract will cover the upgrade of the customer’s existing facility.

“We are highly proud to meet the requirements of many partners worldwide for localisation and the enablement of creating sovereign capabilities. This strengthens our relationship and long term partnership with our clients worldwide,” stated JanPatrick Helmsen, CEO of RDM.

The contract falls under RDM’s Plant Engineering portfolio, which has established facilities in more than 30 countries across the world. RDM said it boasts “world-renowned expertise in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of process equipment and turnkey industrial manufacturing plants.”

Although RDM specialises in the production of medium and large calibre ammunition, a substantial part of its busines is the construction of ammunition filling plants for export. For instance, Saudi Arabia in 2016 commissioned a munitions factory built by RDM in conjunction with Saudi Arabia’s military Industries Corporation. The following year RDM commissioned a plant in Egypt. This has the capability to fill a variety of munition products, including medium and large calibre ammunition through to aircraft bombs. It was established over a four year period.

RDM typically builds two to three ammunition filling plants a year for export. The company has established ammunition filling plants in three dozen different countries over the last three decades.

RDM also provides trained personnel, and in conjunction with the North-West University offers accredited internationally recognised courses in Explosives Engineering. Dedicated training is provided at RDM’s Boskop facility outside Potchefstroom and on-the-job training in the customer countries. “These students acquire in-depth training on the characteristics, behaviour and application of explosives at various levels of complexity, which enables them to acquire skills that add value to ordnance and commercial explosives industries,” RDM said. “These competencies are supported by RDM’s global reputation as a manufacturer of ammunition and related systems and technologies.”

Plant Engineering’s field of expertise lies in energetic, forge and LAPing (Loading, Assembly, and Packing) and propulsion plants; demilitarisation solutions (disposal of conventional ammunition and explosives); and testing facilities, ordnance training services, and tertiary studies whereby clients are able to achieve a master’s degree accredited by the North West University.