Procurement “by other means” a DoD option


Acknowledging that working with outdated equipment negatively affects morale in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) plans are in the offing to review the procurement process.

This is the gist of Defence and Military Veterans Minster Thandi Modise’s response to KwaZulu-Natal parliamentarian Alice Mthembu. She sought Ministerial input on SANDF morale, saying it can be boosted by procurement and quality purchases of equipment.

Procurement challenges, Modise’s written reply reads in part, need to be addressed as a high priority. This saw a work session to review procurement positioning as well as “enhancing the buying power and Chiefs of Services and Divisions accountability for procurement through a revised delegation regime”.

Other work session highlights were improving “sourcing methods” and “augmenting demand planning and management”. This, Modise’s response has it will “eliminate the burden at the procurement phase, which results in loss of time and at times appointing suppliers based on the lowest offer but not yielding best quality standards”.

Expanding on the “revised delegation regime” Mthembu was informed it “will improve turnaround time for purchasing and quality standards as technical experts will be closer to the process”. She was further told in writing because her question exceeded the verbal quota rule, improving sourcing methods to “leverage” best practice standards such as strategic sourcing, will assist in cost savings to address challenges.