OTT Technologies about to deliver remanufactured Ratels to African client


OTT Technologies is ready to deliver a batch of remanufactured Ratels for an African military after a seven-month rebuild and refurbishment process.

The customer already operates the Ratel and is expanding its fleet with a number of additional vehicles. These vehicles were sourced from OTT stock and remanufactured by the company.

The original main Ratel components (engine, gearbox, transfer case, suspension) were fully reconditioned by accredited local suppliers, and new shock absorbers fitted. In the remanufacturing process, many systems such as the pneumatics, piping, cabling, complete electrical system (including electrical harness and electronic control (ECU), complete braking system, etc. were totally replaced and are brand new.

The hulls were sandblasted, inspected for cracks and went through a comprehensive interior and exterior painting process. New tyres with run-flat inserts were fitted.

OTT is no stranger to upgrading vehicles, having years of experience remanufacturing Ratels as well as upgraded RG12 Nyalas. It can perform upgrades on various different platforms.

OTT Technologies’ associated company OTT Solutions, in collaboration with OTT Group company ADG Mobility, also offers the highly modified Ratel Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) for local and foreign Ratel users (existing Ratel operators include South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, and Jordan – of the 1 300 Ratels manufactured, 600 have been exported).

The Ratel SLEP upgrade is focusing on a new sighting system and engine and transmission. The new Cummins engine weighs half as much (586 kg) as the original (a 1 230 kg Bussing) and is 25% more efficient while developing more power (270 kW rather than 210 kW).

As the engine and gearbox are now smaller and lighter, OTT Solutions was able to add more armour so the whole vehicle is now protected to NATO STANAG Level 2 (7.62×39 mm armour piercing incendiary) all round (at present not even Level 1). Frontal protection remains against 12.7 mm armour piercing from 50 metres.

The Ratel SLEP’s new sighting system gives a full day/night capability. The stabilised commander’s sight incorporates a day camera, thermal imager, and laser rangefinder while the gunner’s sight comprises a day camera, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder. Other changes include a new pneumatic system, central tyre inflation system (CTIS), and fire extinguishing system.

OTT Technologies was established in 1980 as a supplier of surplus military equipment. It then began refurbishing military vehicles before moving on to manufacturing new vehicles. Its product lineup includes cash in transit vehicles (which have been exported to places like Nigeria), mine protected vehicles (notably the Puma series), light armoured vehicles and crowd control vehicles.

OTT has bought hundreds of surplus South African military vehicles and offers these for sale after refurbishment. The company has also modified some of these vehicles for different roles – for instance, the Hunter 4×4 patrol and reconnaissance vehicle is based on a Samil 20 driveline. The recent acquisition of LMT Products and the addition of ADG Mobility to the stable has further increased the OTT Group portfolio.

OTT Technologies lists its new-build mine protected vehicle range as comprising the Puma M26, Puma M36 and LM13. Other products include the Bulldog M34 security vehicle, a manual turret, MAN truck bodies, security/cash in transit vehicles and remanufactured Casspirs, Ratels and Samils.