OTT products showcased at demo day


The military attache community was able to experience the OTT Group’s products firsthand during a demonstration day at Rhino Park last week, and this included test drives around a mobility track.

More than 30 attaches got a chance to touch and feel OTT’s vehicles and drive inside them during the Group’s 2023 military attache and advisory corps (MAAC) demonstration day on 8 November – the first held since the Covid-19 pandemic. Over a dozen attaches also visited OTT manufacturing facilities the following day.

The OTT Group (comprising OTT Technologies, LMT Products and ADG Mobility) amongst others brought its LM13 armoured personnel carrier (APC), Bulldog internal security vehicle, Ratel Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) infantry fighting vehicle and Puma M36 Mk 6 APC to Rhino Park, which were displayed alongside turrets and systems from OTT partners, including ECM Technologies, SA military distributor for Pirelli (tyres and run flats), Comenius (turrets), SMB (fire suppression and vehicle storage specialists), and Centauri (turrets). OTT also does cash-in-transit vehicles and armoured truck cabs, one of which was displayed on a Mercedes truck.

The LM13 on show at Rhino Park was fitted with a 12.7 mm remotely operated weapons station and configured for a potential Southeast Asian customer’s requirement. The LM 13 was originally developed by LMT for Saudi Arabia – 60 were built for that country, with deliveries from 2015. The vehicle is powered by a 400 hp Cummins engine and comes standard with air conditioning, central tyre inflation system, crew fridge, recovery winch, 60 litres of chilled drinking water, 360-degree video surveillance and recording system, and day/night infrared spotlight. The vehicle is capable of 70% inclines and burst speeds of 125 km/h.

SA’s largest armoured vehicle manufacturer

Dr Stefan Nell, OTT Group Managing Director, said that as South Africa’s largest armoured vehicle manufacturer, OTT has supplied its customers with more than a thousand vehicles, both new and refurbished, including to the United Nations. The company has three facilities in Gauteng, and a manufacturing facility in the United States. Through a partnership with a US company, OTT manufactures Puma M36s, which are sent to various end-users.

The Puma M36 Mk 6 was first launched in 2018 and to date more than 500 M36 vehicles have been supplied to more than seven countries as well as the United Nations. Nell said OTT’s vehicles have been performing exceptionally well in the Sahel as they are built for tough African conditions and are battle proven.

OTT Solutions, not part of the Group but an associated company, has, with the collaboration of OTT Technologies and ADG Mobility, submitted its Puma M36 Mk 6 4×4 for Armscor trials as the SA Army seeks a new armoured personnel carrier (APC) for border protection duties, and the company will later this month have its vehicles on display at the Army’s Combat Training Centre at Lohatlha. Its Ratel SLEP will do practical firing as part of Exercise Vuk’uhlome.

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