New contract for Husky user support


Critical Solutions International (CSI) has been awarded a $35 million contract modification from the United States Army to support non-US operators of the Husky 2G mine detection system.

CSI, an AirBoss Defence Group company, announced the contract modification at the end of September. The extension will add two years of ordering options to the base contract, originally awarded in March 2017. (AirBoss’ defence business was merged with CSI in January 2020 to form AirBoss Defence Group.)

The move is expected to enable foreign military sales (FMS) customers to procure protected payloads, spare parts, as well as training support for Husky 2G counter-improvised explosive device vehicle system.

“Fiscal year 2020 and 2021 Pseudo-Foreign Military Sales funds in the amount of $35.6 million were obligated at the time of the award and account for anticipated volumes of Husky 2G support equipment to be procured over the extended period of performance,” AirBoss Defence Group said.

“Contracts of this nature are the result of CSI’s strong relationships with their existing customers and speak to the longevity and applicability of the solutions, which we expect to contribute a more stable underlying revenue stream over a multi-year period,” said Chris Bitsakakis, President and Chief Operating Officer of AirBoss.

Work for this contract will be performed out of the company’s Charleston, South Carolina location with a period of performance ending September 2022.

Under the base contract, awarded in 2017 and valued at US$132 million, CSI successfully delivered 41 Husky vehicle systems with associated protected payloads including Interrogation Arms, Ground Penetrating Radar, 360-degree cameras, Self-Defence Remote Weapon Stations and RPG Nets. Husky 2G vehicles have been delivered to multiple Foreign Military Sales customers under this contract supporting route clearance capability development in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In addition, US-sponsored Building Partner Capacity programmes have been leveraged on this contract to provide Husky 2G’s with protected payloads to Ukraine and Iraq as a part of the Global Train and Equip and Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund programmes, AirBoss said.

The Husky 2G is Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection system deploying a range of radar and sensor systems for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection on a blast-survivable, mission configurable vehicle platform. To date ADG has deployed more than 1 500 Husky systems globally, sourcing the vehicles from DCD Protected Mobility in South Africa.