New colonels, captains and defence attaches for the SANDF


The South African National Defence Force has 130 new colonels and captains (SAN) according to a Department of Defence (DoD) Bulletin with a second informing 31 senior officers of their appointment as defence attaches.

Leading the field, as it were, in the number of officers now carrying the rank of colonel is the SA Air Force (SAAF) where 23 lieutenant colonels have a second stylised star added to their rank insignia.

Next up service-wise is the SA Military Health Service (SAMHS) with 19 new colonels, followed by the Defence Intelligence and Human Resource divisions which each added 17 colonels to their senior rank structures.

The landward force, according to the Bulletin, has 12 new colonels and the maritime service became 12 four-ringers richer.

Other colonel/captain (SAN) appointments were made in Chaplain Services (seven), Joint Operations and Military Police divisions (four each), Defence Material (two) and one each at the Command, Management and Information Service (CMIS) and Defence Legal Services (DLS) divisions with the military policy, strategy and planning office also adding a colonel to its staff complement.

A notable SAAF promotion sees a Colonel G Duvenage named 60 Squadron Officer Commanding. He is due to take over command of the currently in limbo Air Force Base (AFB) Waterkloof squadron, inactive since its Boeing 707s were taken from service in 2007, from a Colonel NA Adams on 1 July this year.

The new defence attaches will serve in 13 African, 10 European and four Asian countries with four based in what the Bulletin terms the “Americas”. This includes Cuba and the United Nations (UN) as well as the United States (US).

Colonels and Captains promotions list:


Attache promotions list: