New additions to the DoD’s ammunition fitter ranks


The Ammunition Corps of the Department of Defence (DoD) now boasts 105 qualified fitters in its ranks thanks to 17 newcomers who made it through four years of apprenticeship.

The 17 were earlier this month (July) rewarded with certification at the Corps School of Munitions at De Aar in the Northern Cape. Lance Corporal T Mashishi, responsible for school corporate communication, reports ammunition fitters are skilled soldiers vital to ensuring safety and functionality of military ammunition. “Their expertise,” he wrote, “in handling, inspecting and maintaining ammunition is essential to preserve the integrity and reliability of these critical assets”.

The junior NCO reports further the newly qualified ammunition fitters “embark on a future filled with opportunities to contribute expertise in various ammunition depots”.

“Their skills,” Mashishi continues, “are highly sought after as ammunition maintenance and safety remain crucial components of military operations. The graduates can look forward to challenging and rewarding careers where their knowledge and proficiency will make a significant impact”.

At the De Aar certification event, a number of Public Service Act personnel (PSAP) were honoured for 30, 20 and 10 years’ service as civilians in the defence environment. Paying tribute, Mashishi wrote: “Their longstanding service is a testament to their loyalty and invaluable contributions to the SA National Defence Force (SANDF)”.