MSDs making it as military police


Forty-four newly minted members of the military police (MP) are ready to set out on a journey that could become a calling.

This was the message Military Judge Colonel Pumzile Poswa from SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Legal Services Division had for the military skills development (MSD) recruits at a Defence Sports Grounds passing out parade last week.

“You are embarking on a journey that might turn out to be a calling,” he told those on parade.

The new additions started their two-year uniformed stint in January last year. They, along with others who made it to final selection, went through basic military training (BMT) in the four SANDF services before mustering and muster-specific training. Other MSDs found themselves as chefs, clerks, firemen and human resources and logistics practitioners among the many vocations in the national defence force.

Their success to date in military law enforcement earned them promotion to lance corporal and leading seaman.

SANDF Provost Marshall General, Rear Admiral (JG) Alpheus Maphoto, applauded the new junior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and named deployments and operations military police are involved with. He told those on parade as newly appointed military police officers they would be involved and contribute.

At the end of their two years’ service, a limited number of MSD recruits are offered medium term SANDF contracts with the balance expected to put their military skills to use in the Reserve Force.