Mini mobilisation centre proving its worth


Macadamia military base is an important cog in the border protection machinery of the national defence force which, thanks to Mpumalanga Joint Tactical Headquarters, is being better equipped and fitted to serve as a mini-mobilisation centre for part of the South Africa/Mozambique border.

“Small victories” have been earned at the remote base over a three year plus period as part of an ongoing project of enhancements and improvements, reports provincial operational communications staff officer three, Lieutenant AS Frantz.

The Macadamia upgrade has at its core better mobilisation of troops deployed to the area of responsibility for border protection and allied taskings in terms of Operation Corona.

A recent major step in achieving the overall objective was grading the base airstrip for use by small SA Air Force (SAAF) cargo and personnel carrying aircraft. The strip was graded earlier this month and now awaits inspection by SA Air Force (SAAF) specialists. If deemed good enough it will – in the not too distant future – accommodate Cessna 208s from 41 Squadron and 44 Squadron’s C212s.

This will see incoming force cargo go direct to the mission area at the Macadamia mini mobilisation centre.

Frantz lists other “small victories” as 40 Weatherhaven accommodation units for the incoming force during mission ready training (MRT) and force rotation which happens over three weeks.

Containerised ablution facilities were added in 2020 in the mobilisation area, which was mainly a “tent dorp” with rented mobile toilets to provide sufficient ablution facilities for incoming troops while at the mini mobilisation centre.

“To date the mini mobilisation centre has proven worthwhile enhancing MRT turnaround time and providing a central point for force rotation,” Frantz wrote.