Milkor’s enhanced weapons range takes aim at the global market


International defence company Milkor has over the last couple of years further developed and expanded its weapons range, with improvements covering the Milkor AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher), UBGL (Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher) and new MAR (Multiple Anti-Riot) grenade launcher.

The Milkor AGL has been in development since mid-2020. The AGL has recently gone through a rigorous testing and evaluation phase and will be showcased during the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2022 exhibition in September at Air Force Base Waterkloof in South Africa.

Milkor explained that the AGL has a uniquely designed feeding mechanism which provides an improved rate of fire, as well as the ability to handle the extra weight of longer ammunition belts while still considering the operability and maintainability of the weapon.

The AGL can be equipped with an advanced fire control system that allows for improved accuracy, and can effectively be used with airburst munitions. Milkor is also in the process of identifying possible remote weapon station partners the AGL can be integrate into so it can offer a combined solution to customers.

Milkor’s Business Development Director Armand Bodenstein reiterated that quality, operational efficiency and user safety are top focus areas with AGL development. At 27 kg, the weapon is relatively light and easy to use, while still limiting recoil for better accuracy. Once satisfied with the final internal adjustments of the AGL, Milkor will qualify it with 40 mm high velocity ammunition from various manufacturers before demonstrating it to interested end users.

The AGL has a cyclic rate of fire of 400–500 rounds per minute (rpm) and a sustained rate of 40–60 rpm. It makes use of a variant of 40×53 mm grenade ammunition, giving a maximum range of over 2 km. It can easily be mounted on a recoil mitigating cradle for remote turret operation.

Milkor will also be launching its new Multiple Anti-Riot six-shot grenade launcher and improved UBGL at AAD 2022. Compared to its previous anti-riot launcher capable of firing 37/38 and 40 mm less lethal ammunition, the new Milkor MAR boasts a reduction in weight, improved trigger and indexing mechanism and an increased cylinder length to accommodate all less lethal ammunition available.

The company’s UBGL has been improved since its original market introduction with feedback and involvement from various end users. Some updated features include an increased effective range of 400 meters, the option of reloading from the left or right together with the ability of being adapted for integration into most assault rifles in service. The single-shot UBGL fits snuggly under the barrel of any assault rifle.

Since inception, Milkor has sold well over 60 000 grenade launcher systems to nearly 70 countries around the world. Despite successful efforts in expanding capabilities to air, land, and sea in recent years, Milkor is still actively developing new 40 mm products and improving existing 40 mm weapon systems.

Milkor is the Diamond Sponsor of the 2022 Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition and will be showcasing its full range of land, sea and air offerings in Hall 4, stand 4W5. These offerings include unmanned aerial vehicles, patrol boats, and 4×4 armoured vehicles.