Milkor opening offices in India


Milkor will be opening its new entity Milkor India this week to coincide with the DefExpo exhibition in New Delhi as the company expands its reach outside of South Africa.

Managing Director of Milkor India Luciano Jardim stated, “This is just the first office of many to come. There is a real focus within the Milkor group to invest into one or two countries per continent that have matured policies in place.”

The strategic placement of the new Milkor India office in New Delhi, India, is an informed choice and is a good fit geographically for the company for ease of operations into neighbouring countries as well as those who are members of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) organisation, Milkor said.

DefExpo is one of Asia’s largest exhibitions to take place in 2020 and runs from 4 to 9 February. This year will see 145 international exhibitors as well as 837 exhibitors from India showcasing their products and capabilities in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Milkor India will be showcasing its products, solutions and capabilities to the defence sector.

Milkor has already supplied the Indian Army with its Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) in recent years and Milkor believes the opening of Milkor India in New Delhi will attest to strengthening this relationship with India and its defence forces even further.

“The world-famous Multiple Grenade Launcher has been updated and improved even further since the Indian Army received their last supply. Milkor states the key attributes of their new SuperSix grenade launcher are best in class upgrades such as improved effective firing range of more than double the previous model, up to 800 metres, an adjustable butt stock with a built-in recoil dampener as well as reduced weight. These improvements in efficiency and accuracy of the SuperSix Multiple Grenade Launcher will go hand-in-hand to providing a more advanced weapon system on offer from Milkor,” the company said.

Milkor said with the Make in India campaign become ever more pronounced, it is an excellent time to be part of the expansion of the Indian market. “The need and want to create change are highlighted by the policies in place for local manufacture in India – this is what drew Milkor to join this ever-growing market.”

The country has an allocated capital expenditure of $14.56 billion for 2019/2020 which will be spent mainly across six key sectors for India. Milkor is planning to get into the mix over the next few years, to invest in India and to build a strong relationship with the country and set solid foundations for Milkor India. Milkor is offering transfer of technology (ToT) to assist India and other governments become more self-reliant.