KPE supplies more Arlan vehicles to Kazakhstan


The Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) joint venture has delivered another batch of Arlan armoured vehicles to the Kazakh Ministry of Defence.

KPE on 26 November said the new batch of vehicles have some modifications and improvements to make them better suited to conditions in Kazakhstan, such as pre-launch engine heating for winter operations (down to -50 degrees Celsius), a more efficient heating system, Kazakhstan-made radio and air conditioning.

The Arlan is based on Paramount Group’s 4×4 Marauder but adapted to local requirements, especially winter operations. KPE has now achieved 72% Kazakh content in production and through-life support, the company said. Kazakh-made subsystems on the Arlan include electro-optics and remote weapons stations manufactured by a joint venture between Turkey’s Aselsan and Kazakhstan Engineering.

The Kazakh military received its first Arlans in August 2016, with a special forces variant being delivered in late 2017. Paramount announced a ‘substantial’ order of Arlan vehicles during the KADEX 2018 exhibition in May 2018, and KPE delivered another batch of Arlan vehicles to the Kazakh Ministry of Defence in December 2018. These were fitted with a new chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection system.

Arlan production takes place at the 15 000 square metre KPE armoured vehicle factory in Astana, which was opened in November 2015. Paramount claims it is the largest armoured vehicle factory in Central Asia with a capacity of more than 200 vehicles per year. Kazakhstan is also acquiring Barys 6×6 and 8×8 (Mbombe) armoured vehicles from KPE.

KPE also said on 26 November that a new batch of Alan armored vehicles was delivered to the special services of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is the second batch of Alan vehicles delivered to Kazakhstan. The Alan is the SandCat built under license from Israel’s Plasan. It can carry up to 11 people and provide protection up to STANAG Level 3. It is based on a Ford F550 chassis and can reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. Kazakhstan originally purchased a number of SandCats from Oshkosh, which had partnered with Plasan. These were displayed in 2015.