Israel Shipyards to supply landing ships to African military


Israel Shipyards has signed an agreement with an undisclosed African customer to supply two landing ships, with an option for a third vessel.

Announcing the deal on 15 March, Israel Shipyards said the vessels will be used in operational missions and as logistical support for combat forces.

“This agreement is of significant strategic importance for Israel Shipyards since this will be the first time we will provide our customers with this type of vessel,” said Eitan Zucker, CEO of Israel Shipyards. “It supports Israel Shipyards’ strategy to deepen cooperation with leading suppliers and companies in order to increase the supply of the products and services the company provides to its customers and will enable us to expand our range of services and naval solutions – and to extend our activities into new markets.”

The vessels will be delivered over 22 months but Israel Shipyards has not revealed any further details about the contract, which is worth around 10.7 million euros.

Israel Defence reports that the landing ships are to a new design that is being sold for the first time. The customer has six months to decide whether or not to acquire a third vessel, for around 5.35 million euros.

Israel Shipyards is most well known for its patrol and attack craft, such as its successful Shaldag series, which has been bought by a number of African countries. Recently, Cote d’Ivoire ordered two OPV-45 offshore patrol vessels from Israel Shipyards; construction began in December 2020. And at the beginning of this year, it emerged that Israel Shipyards had brokered a deal between Singapore’s Penguin Shipyard and Ghana for the supply of four Flex Fighter vessels to safeguard the country’s oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of Guinea.

Israel Shipyards offers 58 and 62 metre long offshore patrol vessels as well as Saar class missile corvettes (Saar 4, Saar 4.5 and Saar S-72), fast patrol craft (Shaldag MK II – MK V), commercial ships, tugboats, and multipurpose boats. It has supplied Shaldag vessels to Senegal and Nigeria, amongst others.