ICP launches two new vehicles to cater to growing security market


Armoured vehicle specialist Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) has launched two new products aimed at the rapidly growing commercial security vehicle market.

Showcased for the first time at the Securex exhibition at Gallagher Estate this week, the new vehicles are the REVA Bulk carrier, and REVA Light Security Vehicle (LSV). The LSV is based on the Mahindra Pik Up and features an armoured cab while the Bulk carrier is based on a Tata chassis.

REVA said its LSV is the most cost effective ballistic protected patrol vehicle on the market, costing around R800 000 for the base model. Available in 2×4 or 4×4 configuration, the vehicle is ideally suited for patrolling and guarding operations. The single cab version was launched at Securex 2023, while the double cab version will be launched in August this year. The cab is armoured to B6 level, which provides protection against assault rifles, including the AK-47 and R1.


The much larger REVA Bulk carrier features a single piece armoured body with a low centre of gravity, giving B6 level protection. Entry is via a single side door. Empty weight is around 9 tons and maximum weight is up to 15 tons. “With its powerful diesel engine and six-speed automatic transmission, this vehicle provides excellent mobility and protection,” ICP said. The Bulk carrier will be followed by a Retail version designed to collect cash from retail industry.

The REVA Bulk carrier on display at Securex 2023 is in Fidelity colours – Fidelity is a launch customer for the vehicle. ICP designed the new vehicle in collaboration with private security and cash in transit operators after identifying a need, particularly from the mining industry.

REVA Bulk carrier.

Nadine Rynners, Integrated Convoy Protection CEO, told defenceWeb that the company is entering the security market in a big way, and thus taking part in Securex for the first time. Having traditionally focussed mainly on the military sector, ICP is diversifying, she said.

According to Rynners, as ICP approaches its 20 year anniversary, it is moving into the local security market and wants to be a big player there: towards the end of this year ICP will be launching a new intervention/rapid response vehicle. This will be a light, agile and fast 4×4. It will be built on a commercial drivetrain to keep costs down.

ICP already offers a number of armoured vehicles for the security sector. For example, its REVA Security 4×4 armoured vehicle is described aimed at cost effective protection of national key points, airports, and border control. It can be fitted with pushing and breaching devices to remove obstacles during riot and unrest situations. It can accommodate a driver and commander plus six crew; various armament options are available. Rynners said it is used by private security companies, mostly on mines.

The REVA Protection vehicle is purpose-built for police and commercial security applications. It is modular and available as a security personnel carrier as well as a cash in transit vehicle. As it is designed for commercial operations, no special permits are required.

ICP is known for its range of REVA vehicles, which is an acronym for reliable, effective, versatile, and affordable. The REVA III 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) is the company’s most popular and best-selling vehicle. Over 1 000 have been manufactured in South Africa, but ICP also set up a manufacturing and assembly plant in Iraq where REVA vehicles were successfully manufactured in 2005.

REVA vehicles have been deployed around the world, including to Iraq, the UAE, Yemen, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria and Thailand, besides South Africa itself.

Rynners told defenceWeb that ICP is starting to carry armoured vehicle and security vehicle stock to meet demand, especially for rentals and customers that need vehicles in a matter of days.

REVA LSV and REVA V at Securex 2023.