Hensoldt South Africa introduces new jammers


Hensoldt South Africa has unveiled two new jammers at the AOC Europe event in the United Kingdom, with its GRJ8500 and GRJ6000 jammers covering the V/U/SHF and HF frequencies.

The Association of Old Crows (AOC) electronic warfare event was held from 12 to 13 October in Liverpool and saw Hensoldt South Africa introduce its new generation communications electronic attack systems for countering signals threats.

“Introduced to reliably counter the new and emerging signals that have reshaped the electronic battlefield, Hensoldt’s new GEW GRJ8500 and GEW GRJ6000 systems feature the most advanced signal attack methods on the market”, said Hennie Venter, Chief Executive of Hensoldt South Africa’s GEW Business Unit, which specialises in spectrum dominance.

Hensoldt said the GRJ range of electronic attack (EA) and surveillance systems control the adversary’s ability to communicate and use the electromagnetic spectrum by either disrupting it, or manipulating it. Jammers can be mobile, tactical or fixed.

“Adaptive waveform technology is used to constantly optimise the system response to an ever-changing spectral environment. This smart technology enables the GRJs to autonomously respond to various signal scenarios in the most effective way,” the company explained.

“Sophisticated hopper-follower algorithms track and jam individual hops of modern fast-hopping radios. With predictive algorithms and fast look-through capabilities, the systems lock onto hopping radios after detecting the first few hops transmitted, ensuring that communications are never established between the target operators.”

“Frequency hopping or spread-spectrum signals are characterised to define smart jamming waveforms matching the target signals, which is much more efficient than traditional barrage attack methods,” said Christo Fouché, Chief Executive of Sales and Marketing of GEW.

“With significantly increased instantaneous bandwidth, it is now possible to detect and jam frequency-agile threats across much wider bandwidths than previous-generation EA systems,” said Fouché.

The GRJ systems are fully software-defined, allowing new jammer waveforms to be added, offering future expandability and waveform upgrades. Their target is the global land electronic warfare (EW) market for tactical and strategic communications jamming applications.

The two new jammers join the existing GMJ9 multirole jammer, and GMJ900 and GMJ9000 man-portable multirole jammers. The GMJ9 has been designed for counter-remotely controlled improvised explosive device and tactical communications jamming and is ideal for convoy protection. The GMJ900 specialised jammer system is specifically designed to counter new-generation targets, such as cellular networks, satellite phones, commercial drones, GNSS and Wi-Fi.

The GEW business unit of Hensoldt South Africa specialises in communication monitoring and jamming, direction finding, electronic countermeasures/warfare, electromagnetic spectrum management and security systems. Since the 1960s the company has been involved in providing electronic support, electronic attack and electronic warfare solutions. Its signal intelligence and spectrum monitoring systems have been sold and are in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide, including with the South African Air Force, Army and Navy, and the spectrum regulatory body, ICASA.

The company’s jamming systems are used to protect fixed targets, convoys, individual vehicles and foot patrols (manpack system) against remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) and other threats, such as the roadside bombs.

Hensoldt South Africa is also active in the fields of airspace surveillance, and security systems, particularly perimeter and border fencing systems with integrated alerting systems to localise a breach. Such systems have been successfully used to counter wildlife poaching.

Hensoldt South Africa is increasing its involvement in the radar, data link, identification friend or foe (IFF), customer services and business development fields, amongst many others, and this has been helped by the recent acquisition of Tellumat’s air traffic management and defence business units, which form part of the company’s new Radar Business Unit. This offers 3D radar, synthetic aperture radar, radar for counter-UAV operations and passive radar.