Hensoldt Optronics South Africa pursuing laser rangefinder development


As part of its global product expansion strategy, Hensoldt Optronics South Africa is actively focused on expanding its laser rangefinder (LRF) product offerings.

Hensoldt Optronics South Africa is a designer and manufacturer of specialised optical payloads such as the Argos and Goshawk airborne targeting and surveillance electro-optical systems, and associated multi-spectral sensors, laser rangefinders, handheld observation systems as well as periscopes for the new build and retrofit submarine market. The company has also in the past developed advanced helmet tracking systems.

The company said that new international markets and associated partnerships are being actively developed, to not only allow for significantly improved access to Hensoldt’s already comprehensive LRF product range, but to also allow for the development of new laser technologies and associated new products to meet a significantly wider market and its needs.

“The existing suite of sophisticated handheld, mounted and gimbaled LRF products have for over two decades now been successfully supplied to users in over 30 countries for application in a wide range of operational conditions and geographical locations,” Hensoldt South Africa said.

The existing suite of products has been designed to support a broad range of operational needs, from 50 meters all the way through to 40 kilometres, whilst being lightweight, reliable and fully compliant with internationally accepted design standards.

To further support the LRF market, Hensoldt Optronics is actively researching and investigating new technologies for a new range of products that will allow for more energy efficient, lighter and durable solutions, the company said.

Several factors assist in the success of Hensoldt Optronics, including its ITAR-free position and the fact that it can leverage on the brand and support of its German parent company.