Gulube still staying on as Secretary for Defence


Secretary for Defence Dr Sam Gulube has not vacated his office in the Armscor Building and will remain the senior civilian official in the Department of Defence (DoD) until June.

Gulube’s strategic statement in the general information section of the 2018/19 DoD annual report indicated it would be the last he would contribute to. He was expected to leave at the end of December. This did not happen and defenceWeb was at that time informed he would stay on “until at least the end of March” as per an arrangement.

That date came and went with no official announcement as regards a successor.

A defenceWeb enquiry to the DoD brought the response “Gulube is staying until June”.

Gulube has been the senior civilian in the DoD for more than eight years after a stint in the SA Military Health Service (SAMHS).

During his time in office he served on a Ministerial Defence Review Committee (in 2011) which culminated in the Defence Review 2015 providing “a national policy construct for the short, medium and long-term defence development trajectory of South Africa”. Gulube is a member of the Forum of South African Directors General and appointed to participation in Cabinet’s Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster and the International Co-operation, Trade and Security Cluster as enabling meaningful contributions to government’s security and foreign policy domains.

He was also part of the National Defence Industry Council (NDIC), which saw the establishment of a local defence industry strategy, the Defence Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Sector Code and the Defence Industry Fund (DIF) for participation by small, medium and micro-sized enterprises.