Goodwill parcel deliveries underway


Goodwill Parcels project sponsors have, according to SA National Defence Force (SANDF) social media, made two stops to date delivering welcome parcels and bringing good wishes to soldiers who will not be home for Christmas.

The Limpopo border with Zimbabwe and Eastern Cape’s border with Lesotho were reportedly the first Operation Corona deployments called on by Goodwill Parcels sponsors where 4 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion and 1 SA Tank Regiment are stationed.

Donors to and sponsors of the project – with the single premise of bringing cheer into the lives of soldiers far from home and their families at home over the year-end festive season – call on operational bases in country as well as continentally to add a personal touch to the parcels.

The current volatility in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where South Africa is a troop and materiel contributing country to MONUSCO could see a hold on any Goodwill Parcel delegation visiting before year-end. defenceWeb asked for Goodwill Parcel visit dates on 14 November with no response as yet received from either the SANDF Directorate Corporate Communication (DCC) or the Joint Operations Division.

At Joint Tactical Headquarters Limpopo, Goodwill Parcels sponsors were pleasantly surprised when the Olifant main battle tank crews, temporarily sans their big iron, had gifts of their own for those who arrived bearing gifts and good tidings.

About a thousand kilometres south-east of the South Africa/Zimbabwe border on the South Africa/Lesotho border at the Maluti area of responsibility, 4 SAI soldiers had their turn to put security on the backburner for a few hours and enjoy camaraderie and good wishes from and with civilian Goodwill Parcel sponsors.

Eastern Cape Joint Tactical Headquarters acting operational communication officer a Captain Mboniswa reports the visit to Maluti operational base was an “early Christmas” acknowledging dedication to the border safeguarding tasking.